Noises at Night?

Are noises in the Attic keeping you up at night?

If you have a problem with wild and nuisance animals on your property or in your home and they are keeping you up at night you need to invest in the safest, most humane way of solving the problem.

Critter Control Austin Tx offers professional wildlife trapping and removal. The type of trap, type of bait needed, and duration of trapping session will all be dependent on the type of wildlife you have causing a problem. A professional team member of Centurian Wildlife will first need to do a free inspection of your home or property to determine the type of animal you have. Following that he can begin trapping immediately if you’d like. Once trapped the animal will be removed from your home and relocated to another location where he/she will no longer cause trouble for humans and homes.

Once the animal has been removed our team will seal your home or property preventing the usage of all access points previously used or created by the wildlife so that no others can re-enter your home. Following full sealing then our sanitation crew will come in an perform an anti-microbial airborne treatment to remove all germs, diseases, and bacteria from the surfaces and the air.

After your Wildlife Removal Project is complete you will be issued a Home Wildlife Control Certificate detailing the work done and your warranty protecting you from any future infestation.


For More Information Please Visit:

Company: Centurian Wildlife Control

Address: 3180 North Jog Road STE 4205 West Palm Beach FL US 33411

Phone: (561) 299-4918


Services: Animal Control Service

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